Was ist Flattr?


I hesitate when this word is said in meetings, and it is used much too often, I am afraid. Its meaning is clear, it means that something is achieved without hickups, interruptions, with no awkward transitions. They mean they want no problems, plain and simple. The German language uses the same metaphor, like if it was a direct word-for-word translation: nahtlos, a word I have already explained where Karl suggested the beautiful concept of inconsútil in the comments (where I also explain why this word is funny, but not correct for this buzzwordry, though it would be nice if it was correct, come to think of it). But Spanish does not say sin costuras, which it probably could, but nobody would understand it (I think). So I say sin disrupciones, which sounds horrible, but at least is short. Time is of the essence when doing simultaneous interpretation. Still I am not happy.

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