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Publiziert am 12.11.2018
I recently received a friendly e-mail in German about an English word: Herr Ferrer, Im Projektmanagement gibt es den Begriff „Stakeholder“. Gemeint sind damit am Projekt beteiligte und/oder vom Projekt betroffenen Menschen. Ein gute und treffende Übersetzung kenne ich ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 03.03.2021
If you have the time to look carefully at a boiling kettle, you can observe something interesting: When the water boils steam leaves the kettle through the spout and quickly condenses into water vapor after a couple of centimetres. Steam is invisible (I ignore the thermal distorsion here ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 21.02.2015
A tackle is move in football (football assotiation, soccer in the USA) where one player tries to disposses the opponent of the ball by stretching one leg while sliding on the ground, thereby ideally gaining control of the ball or at least depriving the opponent of it. A tackle will ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 02.01.2015
The world of finance is well known for using lots of euphemisms, a concept so useful that it would have to be invented if it did not exist already. Euphemisms make lying and cheating so much easier whilst retaining a clean conscience. That is the very heart of finance: usurping other people´ ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 17.11.2015
Actually, if your tank is big enough, you do not have to think anymore. You do not even have to adhere to traffic rules. You are free ® Without the gun, the think-tank becomes just a workshop ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 06.02.2014
The hypothesis that bilingual persons think differently and even are different when using their various languages is an interesting, but also a difficult one to prove. Musing about my own German/Spanish bilingualism, it occurred to me that the word toddler might be of some relevance in ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 03.11.2015
I just read an article in the Atlantic on the very recent American phenomenon of ubiquitous and gratuitous Trigger Warning . Trigger Warning . I will use words in this essay. If you are afraid of words, please stop reading. If you are not afraid of words, this Trigger Warning ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 17.07.2014
The term usability is used as a synonym of user-friendly, which is easy enough to translate into German: benutzerfreundlich (as an adjective) or Benutzerfreundlichkeit (if you need a noun). The concept is a very straight forward: user friendly are the things or processes that are easy to ... weiterlesen

to vex, vexatious

Publiziert am 28.10.2014
Recently, whilst reading „A buzz in the Meadow“, a most interesting and enjoyable book on insects by Dave Goulson, I stumbled upon the word vexatious (footnote on page 60 in my edition). It referd to the behaviour of the common fly as studied by one of his PhD-students (Jason ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 05.08.2015
You may be surprised, if you do not happen by chance to be a biologist, to read that Whiskers are also called vibrissae (singular: vibrissa ). The interesting thing about these things that are, in fact, thick, stiff hairs with a tactile function, is that in other languages like German ... weiterlesen

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