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Publiziert am 28.11.2016
The concept of leapfrogging is used in many different domains of economics and business, and was originally developed in the field of industrial organization and economic growth. The main idea beyond the concept of leapfrogging is that small and incremental innovations lead the dominant firm ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 18.02.2015
Listicles are lists, usually full of bullshit, disguised as articles . Closely related to click-bait. Very common in the Huffington Post, often copied by (even) lesser publications. I hope this blog is not seen as a listicle , that would make me sad. Sadder even than not knowing how to ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 07.04.2014
What is a loophole ? As usual, the word means several things, according, also as usual, to my Merriam-Webbster´s: 1a: a small opening through which small arms may be fired 1b: a similar opening to admit light and air or to permit observation 2: a means of ... weiterlesen

Mainstreaming and Streamlining

Publiziert am 05.12.2016
The speaker in a recent meeting impressed me by using the words mainstreaming and streamlining in a single sentence. Streamlining evoques aerodynamics or hydrodynamics, so I thought of saying something like fluidity and reducing drag and making something easier to propel. In the ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 07.09.2013
Somebody who calls himself the Maverick Philosopher wrote this in his blog on the subject of untranslatability (I quote): „When I hear it said that some text is untranslatable, my stock response is that in that case the text is not worth translating. If it cannot be translated out ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 11.03.2016
Meerkats ( Suricata suricatta ) are a cute etymological mess and now they are even becoming a live-streaming tool for mobile devices. Yuck! You might have noticed that this website (like me) ignores Facebook and despises Twitter so I can only laugh at the thought of a mobile app that allows ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 11.07.2017
Panache is a nice thing to have, it seems, when you are a rock star. Not so nice when you display it when being cought in a lie & cheating (cool how the Atlantic fits the panache into the first sentence in this article about Qusay Trump Jr.). This is one of those French words the ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 29.01.2019
Everybody does it. We postpone necessary actions until the very last moment. We don't study until the very night before the exam. We pack our suitcases when the plane is about to take off. Translators will finish the translation on the very evening they are supposed to hand in the finished ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 06.05.2014
The verb to resign can be transitive or intransitive, and in both cases it can have, according to my Merriam-Webster, two meanings. If transitive it means either 1: relegate, consign; especially: to give (oneself) over without resistance < resigned herself to her ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 10.11.2013
Mark Twain once said: „There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.” Brilliant! But how can one express such a simple thing as returns (please always use in plural, so there is more of ... weiterlesen

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