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Publiziert am 18.04.2016
They say women talk too much. If you have worked in Congress you know that the filibuster was invented by men. Clare Boothe Luce Filibuster is a situation in which a politician deliberately delays or prevents a proposal from becoming law by continuing to speak until the end of a ... weiterlesen

To floss

Publiziert am 03.08.2016
I recently received a friendly e-mail. It reads: Hallo Jordi, ich habe einen Vorschlag für ein zumindest vom Englischen ins Deutsche umständlich zu übersetzendes Verb: to floss Viele Grüße Felix And indeed, Felix is right. German has the thing ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 03.03.2021
In the process of setting electoral districts, gerrymandering is a practice intended to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries. The resulting district is known as a gerrymander (/ˈdʒɛriˌmændər/); however, that word can ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 09.11.2018
Grandstanding. Reading an article in the Atlantic about this disgraceful event in the press room of the White House recently, when the White House released a doctored video to accuse Jim Accosta of inappropiate behaviour against an intern who tried to grab his microphone while he was asking ... weiterlesen

Grass-Roots (movement)

Publiziert am 14.09.2015
If grass-roots movements or campaigns are difficult to translate concepts, at least into Spanish – German might use the literal translation Grasswurzelbewegung) – just imagine how perplexed I stood when I heard the term „astroturf lobbying“ refering to artificial ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 24.05.2019
The press often gives events and scandals a name, so they can refer to them with just a few letters in the cover of a newspaper. It helps them sell their product. Sometimes the name given is an euphemism, often pars pro toto applies, sometimes the references are quite elliptical, en ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 02.06.2016
Lakritze recently suggested harrumph! as related to the German prust! , which is not easy to translate. Indeed, both concepts have some common elements, but one is not a translation of the other nor the other way around. But harrumph! (written with an exclamation mark, is it not ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 06.02.2014
Innumeracy is a pretty straightforward concept: It is the same as illiteracy, but with numbers instead of letters, with formulae instead of words, with mathematical concepts instead of literature. Curiously enough, other languages (by which I mean Spanish and German, as usual, and only as far as ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 25.07.2016
Jaywalking is a notion framed by the car industry in the USA to blame pedestrians for the damage inflicted on them by cars. Jaywalking can be read as a political crime, felony or misdemeanor, I am never sure of the difference between those concepts (thank you for the insight, Fefe ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 27.08.2013
When I recently read in the column Bagehot of The Economist (25.08.2012) the term kite-flying-speech I had the impression that I had found the long searched for equivalent of the German Sonntagsrede . It reminded me of the German term, a word I have wanted to present here for some time ... weiterlesen

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