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Publiziert am 05.06.2014
They say a cluster is a small group or bunch of something. Fair enough. I guess asking how big a small sample is would be like asking how long a piece of rope is: it depends. Despite its imprecision (or perhaps just because of it) the word is very useful and versatile. You can create the ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 11.01.2015
What are commodities ? And what are they called in other languages? In this article in the Spanish newspaper el País they call them mercancías básicas , which would be basic tradable goods translated back. It is not blatantly wrong, but the writer of the article is obviously aware of ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 10.01.2016
I remember a colleague in a big German city who claimed that interpreting for the institutions in Brussels should not be considered proper interpreting at all but is only coping . Because, you know, too many languages and nobody can master that and it is only a bluff and so on and so forth. I ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 10.12.2013
I am told craving is a strange feeling. You feel an itch, a desire, an intense longing for something, it is what gives rise to drug addiction or to obsessions, or so they say. A friend of mine cultivates his craving for cigarettes by smoking every now and then something different. He claims he ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 10.08.2014
Sometimes, before a meeting is held, there is a briefing, so the participants know what to expect and how they are supposed to react. The delegates have thus a brief and know what hey may and may not do or say. That´s fine. A briefing is then probably a reunión preparatoria or ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 02.02.2015
You are wrong. You have no rights. If it's broken, it's your fault. If you handle it wrong, don't come crying for help. It is not my responsability. If you want to sue me for your own incompetence, you will have to sue me on my turf, where there are only four lawyers. And they all work for ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 05.08.2015
Sorry for the link to RT , but the word disenfranchised is a curious one, is it not? What does it really mean here? Does it always mean that? And how can it be translated into German or Spanish? ... weiterlesen

Here be dragons (and salt)

Publiziert am 06.11.2013
Sometimes the ties between the English language and Latin are interesting. Anglophones often pronounce Latin in an unexpected way, at least for the speakers of south-European languages like Spanish and Italian, who think they are closer to Latin anyway and therefore pronounce it right as a ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 07.09.2013
Pilotless aeroplanes, or rather, remotely controlled aeroplanes with a variable degree of autonomous navigating capabilities, are rapidly gaining importance in “modern” warfare. They can be used both for fighting (killing) and for reconnaissance (spying) and even have civilian ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 21.01.2014
It would be nice for a start to know what a Facility actually is (and I do not mean the “lavatory”!): is it something that facilitates something, as the name seems to imply? Something that makes something else easier to achieve? Is it the opposite of a difficulty? If only it were ... weiterlesen

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