Was ist Flattr?


I just read an article in the Atlantic on the very recent American phenomenon of ubiquitous and gratuitous Trigger Warning. Trigger Warning. I will use words in this essay. If you are afraid of words, please stop reading. If you are not afraid of words, this Trigger Warning has just become a simple spoiler. Congratulations! Meta-trigger Warning: I might expose my mind in this text. If you are afraid of foreign minds or fear (Trigger Warning: Fear might hamper your reasoning, lack of reasoning might provoque fear, vicious circles (Trigger Warning, the word vicious could spark hard feelings) can be hard to overcome) other minds that think (Trigger Warning: thinking might be a serious risk for your future (Trigger Warning: the future is unknown and full dangers) career) you might consider reading no further. Closing your eyes or looking the other way does not solve your problems but it might spare us your histeria for a while. Wishful thinking (Trigger Warning: see Trigger Warning before) is unreasonable. The world will NOT always conform to your whishes. Self-righteousness will do you no good. Sooner or later you will die anyway, so stop complaining! If life is too hard for you to bear you might consider commiting suicide right away, so sparing us a lot of trouble (Trigger Warning: you might be the trouble I am refering to, please feel suitably depressed if this is the case) in the meantime.

Warning: pulling the trigger while holding a loaded and unsecured gun to your temple will seriously disrupt your cocooning and might put you on a completely different level of (un)consciousness.

Trigger Warning: Trigger Warnings might render a text completely unreadable. I am loving it.

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