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The verb to resign can be transitive or intransitive, and in both cases it can have, according to my Merriam-Webster, two meanings. If transitive it means either
1: relegate, consign; especially: to give (oneself) over without resistance 
<resigned herself to her fate>
2: to give up deliberately; especially: to renounce (as a right or position) by a formal act
In case the verb is used as intransitive, it means either
1: to give up one's office or position: quit
2: to accept something as inevitable: submit
It seems interesting to me that both meanings differ in such a curious way that the first meaning of the transitive verb and the second meaning of the intransitive verb fit seamlessly, but the other two are completely alien to the spirit of the Spanish language as I perceive it. Porque en España no dimite ni Dios. Therefore, Spaniards resign to their fate and accept that nobody resigns.
Germans, on the other hand, do resign sometimes, in both meanings of the term. Bundespräsidenten even get a nice Zapfenstreich if they do. Strangely, they seem to resign for the wrong reasons, like a loan for buying a tacky house in the province or an invitation to a holiday at some shabby resort (was it in Lloret de Mar?). Peanuts, as il Cavaliere would say (he did never resign either, of course).

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