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Mainstreaming and Streamlining

The speaker in a recent meeting impressed me by using the words mainstreaming and streamlining in a single sentence. Streamlining evoques aerodynamics or hydrodynamics, so I thought of saying something like fluidity and reducing drag and making something easier to propel. In the political context I understand streamlining as making things better, more efficient, easier to do or use, which is never a bad idea. The European Commission even has a programm for so called „Better Regulation“, so go figure. Thank god they did not start a programm about „Regulating Worse For You“!
And mainstreaming? According to wikipedia mainstreaming, in the context of education, is the practice of educating students with special needs in regular classes during specific time periods based on their skills. This means regular education classes are combined with special education classes. A colleague of mine recently translated mainstreaming with transversalización and I could not make up my mind: was he being ironic or not? Then there is gender mainstreaming, but I have the impression that I should better not touch that minefield. So, how should I translate mainstreaming and streamlining next time I encounter those terms?

Cartography of Mainstream, not streamlined
but with a hint of gender


Am 09.12.2016 um 09:08 von Bernie.
I heard \mainstreaming\ translated into Spanish as \generalización\ and as \vulgarización\. The latter is more correct than the former, I have been told by a serious authority, but you can not use it because people understand it the wrong way and some even feel denigrated.
Am 09.12.2016 um 09:15 von Jordi
I see. Thank you very much, Bernie, now I wonder if I understood the terms I was discussing at all. I might try using your suggestions next time the concepts crop up, they are being used everywhere, so probably soon. I am curious what the reaction of the Spanish delegate might be.

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