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Lakritze recently suggested harrumph! as related to the German prust!, which is not easy to translate. Indeed, both concepts have some common elements, but one is not a translation of the other nor the other way around. But harrumph! (written with an exclamation mark, is it not?) is interesting as well. My faithful Merriam-Websters says on harrumph! that it means 1: to clear the throat in a pompous way, 2: to comment disaprovingly, :to utter (a comment) disapprovingly. The second meaning is fine, everybody disagrees with something or someone and has the right to say so and indeed does so in every language I know - that is what language is for: disagreeing. But for a non native English speaker like me it seems odd, to say the least, that someone can think that clearing one's thoat can be done in a pompous way. How this pomposity could be expresed in any other language without sounding ridiculous, I do not know

Disclaimer: This picture is heavily edited by me, but the original picture was taken from Wikipedia and the author wants the mention that is due, so here it is:

Gage Skidmore - https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/25858555481/in/photolist-Fp2RDt-Fy6H5M-Fv98Vo-Fv9cDq-Fv93Pm-EzwkLW-Ewrt8Y-Fp38FZ-Fp3pfp-Fp3aQZ-EzSAXr-F5SySC-F5SwYs-FmL3mA-FxrgZ2-F5Szpu-FmLj8f-EzSTvX-Fv9A5C-EzwuoW-F5SMpw-EzT9gZ-Fv9ses-EzwK3f-F5SHNU-F5SUh9-Fv9z5G-EzwsWC-F5T3bA-F5T13s-Fp47j8-Fv9ZGN-FmLEa9-Fp41GX-Fp3VVn-EzwQcy-Fp44za-FxrKjc-Fv9Xzb-Fp4a3p-FxrGdH-Fj2SF8-Fj8V78-FgRFs9-FqeYps-FqeUZG-EZYoPE-FswM6P-Fj9mUv-FswHCB, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47705735

A bit long for my taste, but there you go

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