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You are wrong. You have no rights. If it's broken, it's your fault. If you handle it wrong, don't come crying for help. It is not my responsability. If you want to sue me for your own incompetence, you will have to sue me on my turf, where there are only four lawyers. And they all work for me. The judge is my cousin anyway. Stop being a moron. Act responsibly. Face up to your shortcomings. All of them. Do not blame them on anybody else. Try to understand, it i not so difficult, is it? See what you have done? Told you so. And now what? Stop crying! Dear oh dear oh dear... Now go take a running jump

German has the concept of Haftungsausschluss: a (declaration of) exclusion of responsability. Yes, that seems to hit the nail on the head for me. But Spanish? I have found something like aviso legal, but that is nonsense. A disclaimer may be shameless, it actually should be; but when written by a lawyer the least one could expect is that it is not ilegal. Aviso jurídico would seem better, but Spanish does not use that term. Exención de responsabilidad, descargo de responsabilidad, I find many suggestions in my dictionaries. But I do not like them. My problem? Not my responsability, that much is for sure. So leave me alone!

Related terms: end user agreement, EULA, Facebook. Have you noticed the absence of a Facebook-button in my pages? That will stay that way, I promise.

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