Was ist Flattr?


Sometimes, before a meeting is held, there is a briefing, so the participants know what to expect and how they are supposed to react. The delegates have thus a brief and know what hey may and may not do or say. That´s fine. A briefing is then probably a reunión preparatoria or a Vorbereitungstreffen. Easy enough.
Then again, after some meetings there is a debriefing. That is a little more complicated. A debriefing may be a gloryfied way of saying what should have happened in the meeting or what to do considering the results of this very meeting. May this be eine Nachbearbeitung in German? Sounds good to me, but what shall we say in Spanish? We can not change the ¨pre¨ in preparatoria by a ¨post¨ because it makes no sense at all. Or it becomes reunión postoperatoria and we are in a completely different setting altogether. Should we say then reunión de recapitulación? If so, why do they not say it in such simple terms in English? Ah, because then it does not sound so important and opaque? Let them have their fun then. May the interpreters scratch their heads and wonder. Who cares about them if it sounds important?

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