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I do not have the slightest idea why, but English-speaking people seem to like picking cherries. At least they like it since 1965, date of first use according to my Merriam-Webster's. Germans, on the other hand, do not pick cherries, they pick raisins. I guess they pick them since long before 1965. Therefore, the right translation for cherry-picking into German is Rosinenpickerei. In that article one commentator postulated a relationship between cherry-picking and low-hanging fruit. I am not sure about that at all, but it raises the question of where the cherries (or the raisins, in German) are picked from: the branches? That does not fit with the raisins: on the branch, they are grapes. From the trail mix (German: Studentenfutter)? That would rather work for the German mix, the English version does not usually include cherries. But it would explain why there is no translation for cherry-pick into Spanish, as Spanish does not have a word for trail mix or Studentenfutter. From the fruit salad? Or does the punch have more cherries? I know that if I had to choose where to pick cherries from I would choose the Black Forest gâteau if I could, because yummy! But this cake does not have raisins, that does not fit with the German Rosinenpickerei.

Be it as it may, the problem with the translation of the cherry-pick or Rosinenpickerei arises when translating the concept into Spanish, because in Spanish we do not pick cherries or raisins, we do not pick anything at all! Granted, there are expressions like hay que estar a las duras y a las maduras that indicate that one should not (or simply can not; reality is not that kind) pick only the good things but has to put up with the bad ones as well. But although it is a nice expression and it even rhymes, it is not the same. What could one suggest a Spaniard that wishes to express his desire to cherry-pick? It would be sad if somebody had a longing for something so natural and could not express it.
In Germany they pick the black raisins, in Britain they pick the red cherries, Spaniards eat the whole cake and I want the whole fucking backery!

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