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People often mistakingly say that the Innuit language has dozens or even hundreds of words for snow, because of the weather and the culture and so on. This is not true. What is true, though, is that English has a plethora of expressions for killing and murdering. Yes, other languages have a lot of those too, murder seems to be an anthopologically rich field, but my gut feeling is that American English is particularly rich in that kind of expressions1. And yet English has imported amok (often expressed in conjunction with running), as if they needed more.

It is easy to translate amok into German as Germans have simply imported that word too: Amok laufen. Literally: run amok. And the term is widely known and used, here is an example among many. But Spanish presents a problem, because they have that word in the dictionary of the Real Academia de la Lengua (DRAE):

1. m. Entre los malayos, ataque de locura homicida.

But this short and simple definition is only applicable to Malay people. I need another one.

Other related terms:
To go
on rampage
Berserk (that word would merit an entry on its own, such rich historical and cultural connotations!)
Assassin (that word will not get an own entry, though).

Killing spree (no relation with Berlin's river).
Going postal.

PS: What a pity that asshole is no longer the first word in the English list of my untranslatable words! Well, that is the alphabetical order, sorry!

1 In case you have any doubts about this statement, let me quote Steven Pinker, “The Stuff of Thought. Language As A Window Into Human Nature”, Penguin Books, 2008, page 70: Synonyms for killing: assassinate, butcher, crucify, dispatch, electrocute, eliminate, execute, garrote, hang, immolate, kill, liquidate, massacre, murder, poison, shoot, slaughter, slay. Synonyms for destroying: abolish, annihilate, ban, blitz, crush, decimate, demolish, destroy, devastate, exterminate, extirpate, finish, obliterate, ravage, raze, rescind, ruin, tear down, terminate, waste, wipe out, wreck. On the one hand the verbs that are actively carried out by somebody, on the pther the verbs that just happen to you while you are busy doing other things: decease, depart, die, disapper, disintegrate, expire, fall apart, lapse, pass away, pass on, perish, succumb, vanish.

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