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Publiziert am 05.08.2015
You may be surprised, if you do not happen by chance to be a biologist, to read that Whiskers are also called vibrissae (singular: vibrissa ). The interesting thing about these things that are, in fact, thick, stiff hairs with a tactile function, is that in other languages like German ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 18.04.2018
Also known as whistle-blower or whistle blower , the term comes allegedly from the whistle a referee uses to indicate foul play, although it personally rather reminds me of the whistle the London policemen use when persecuting the baddies in the movies. According to the English Wikipedia ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 18.04.2016
Whitewashing once meant: painting a wall with a white paint made of slaked lime and chalk, which reacted after applying to the wall with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to form calcium carbonate in the form of calcite. Calcite has a beautiful white colour and is very resistant ... weiterlesen


Publiziert am 13.01.2018
Reading the Christmas Double Issue of the 2017 magazine the Economist I came across the Icelandic word Hvalreki , literally a stranded whale, which expresses the concept of a windfall , that is, an unexpected gain. So I thought that the proper translation of windfall into German would ... weiterlesen

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