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My Merriam-Websters writes on the word blasé that it is an adjective used to describe (1) people apathetic to pleasure or excitement as a result of excessive indulgence or enjoyment: world-weary, (2) sophisticated, worldly-wise, (3) unconcerned, that it is of French origin and that the first recorded use they could find dates back to 1819. That is fine with me. German is simmilar to English concerning the word blasé, they spell it blasiert, but it means virtually the same and is also of French origin, what else?

But what about Spanish? Apart from the third meaning, which would translate as despreocupado, the rest stayed in French and did not come over into Spanish. Why? Perhaps because when the term was being imported into English the Spaniards were fighting Napoleon's troops and did not want to use any French words? Were the potential users of this term worried they might be perceived as afrancesados if they did? The word afrancesado has lots of unpleasant connotations, ranging from traitor to your fatherland to effeminate, I could understand that nobody would like to be thought any of those. But now: what do Spanish-speaking people call somebody that looks at them like this:


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